Demystifying Blockchain + Crypto Panel: Recap

Demystifying Blockchain +
Crypto Panel: Recap


Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency became ubiquitous buzzwords last year. But to a lot of us, they still felt unfamiliar, sounding more like bad 80s action franchises than tools capable of democratizing creativity. Which is why last Saturday, February 24th, we invited the WNW community to Camp David, a mindfully designed (and frankly beautiful) creative co-working space co-founded by Mazdack Rassi and Erez Shternlicht of Milk Studios, for drinks, bites and a panel discussion to demystify blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. And more importantly, to learn how this technology supports artists, enables unique connections with their followers, and provides new monetization methods for creators. 

The event quickly sold out, which tells us this is something the creative community is collectively intrigued by, wanting to actually understand how these concepts work and how they can apply their craft to them. Attendees heard from a formidable lineup of panelists which featured Jack Spallone (Product Lead at Ujo Music), Rey Peralta (CTO at Milk Studios), Mahrinah von Schlegel (CEO of blockhain company VIAE and the ED of NGO Embassy 2.0), Tony Peccatiello (Entrepreneur in Resdience at Futurism and a Venture Partner at Social Starts), and Flori Marquez (Co-founder of BlockFi). The conversation was moderated by WNW's own Justin Gignac.

You can catch the conversation here.


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Photos by Andrew Boyle c/o Camp David


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