Shantell Martin, Queen of Alternative Canvases, Teams with 1800 Tequila

Shantell Martin, Queen of Alternative
Canvases, Teams with 1800 Tequila 


For WNW Member Shantell Martin, everything is a canvas. Over the course of her prolific career, the London-born artist has turned walls, bicycles, sunglasses, sneakers, and clothing into distinct works of art that could belong to no one else. We can now add bottles to that list. It’s no surprise that 1800 Tequila enlisted Shantell for their latest Essential Artists Series, in which world-renowned artists have their work emblazoned on 1800 Tequila’s iconic bottles. Her continuous lines and black and white palette add both whimsy and sophistication in turn. And here, the maxims that often drive the dialogue in her work effectively double as the taglines that often elevate liquor brands into lifestyle philosophies.


At the New York City launch of this collaboration, Shantell Martin treated partygoers to a live drawing, using a thick black marker on a canvas of plexiglass. There was no bad seat in the room. Perhaps most impressive of all, she was holding court while crafting the original composition, offering insight into what was unfolding. “When you draw live, you put yourself in this really intimidating situation where you’re really vulnerable, and in that situation, you don’t have any time to be anyone else but yourself, and it really keeps you honest. I don’t really like drawing live but I use it as a mechanism for me to be my most honest artist self.”

These six limited-edition bottles will become instant collectors’ items. And that they happen to be filled with 1800 Silver Tequila only sweetens the deal.


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