Love Letters From the WNW Team

Love Letters From the WNW Team


We’re halfway through February, which means a lot of people are talking about love or their opinions on the commercialization of love. Since we’re lovestruck with top-caliber creative work, we figured we’d use this Valentine’s Day to announce our adoration. Below, the Working Not Working team writes a polyamorous love letter to personal projects, musicals, campaigns, and chatbots, all coming from the global Working Not Working community. None of these creative contributions are associated with Valentine’s Day, but they’re all lovable.


“I loved Mark Moll’s project “Ideas Know No Age.” Had no idea that some of the most well-known brands were created in the later years of someone’s career. I love people who create projects that try to undo stereotypes and bring a different perspective to the table.”

- Pamala Buzick, Head of Membership

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”I can't help but stop what I'm doing every time I see a new set of illustrations by Ricardo Santos go up on the site. He's always creating new, energetic, and politically loaded work. His illustrations are genuinely thoughtful and nonrepetitive, yet immediately understood. Design purists rejoice!”

- Gabriela D’Amato, Designer


“I love The Skittles Super Bowl Ad Broadway Musical that Nathaniel Lawlor did. I didn’t actually get to see it. Only about 1,500 people did and I’m jealous of every single one of them. I love the idea and ambition of it. I’ve never been so jealous of something I’ve never seen.”

- Justin Gignac, Co-Founder

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“I’ve been obsessed with Kat Lam’s work since I met her in 2007. She made a custom picnic table and planter box stained with her iconic geometrics shapes and colors for our wedding gift. Talk about that kind of love.”

- Norma Kwee, Head of Product


“It feels like Valentine’s Day is a fitting time to highlight Work & Co’s latest project: an AI chatbot for Planned Parenthood. Named Roo, the mobile chatbot provides accurate information and personalized, 24-hour support to help teens understand and make informed choices on a range of topics from relationships and STDs to masturbation and contraception. One of the coolest aspects of this project is in its making. Work & Co prides itself on creating products with, and not just for, audiences. To that end, Work & Co partnered with students from Brooklyn charter school MESA (Math Engineering Science Academy) to conduct field research, test concepts, and even name the product.

- Mike O’Donnell, Editor of the WNW Magazine


”I really loved this project, in which WNW Member Geoff Levy teamed up with Papel&Caneta and modeling agency/production company Jacaré Moda to prove that Brazilian fashion is so much more than Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Fashion is happening in around the world, in every country, just in different capacities, and it often gets overlooked outside of the main countries where Fashion Week happens, which are all western societies. I just loved the way they highlighted the fashion culture in Brazil through this photo and documentary project showing off Brazilian fashion in a way I wouldn’t expect. It was beautiful.”

- Mackenzie Weber, Engagement + Marketing Manager


“Photographer and Director Ben Clement is the editor and founder of Good Sport Magazine. Huge fan. The independent publication is brilliantly designed, has beautiful photography, and covers a range of sports. Big love.”

- Manda Wilks, New Business + Community Leader


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